Current Job Openings

Technical Content Specialist, Washington, D.C. area

The Technical Content Specialist will work on a team that supports the different document- or publications-related projects. General duties will include document modeling, establishing workflows, writing and debugging XSL transforms to the archival XML formats used, and general support of the content processing and programming teams.

Must have a minimum of a BSCS and 2 years of experience in a publishing or library science environment.

The candidates for this position should be able to perform the following duties:
  • Transform and validate XML documents;
  • Troubleshoot data conversion issues; coordinate with appropriate personnel to solve programming and content-related issues;
  • Assist in workflow development; development of tools to ensure data integrity;
  • Develop a thorough understanding of NLM XML format to support in-house and outside users;
  • Develop website, with the goal towards better display, retrieval, and search of book content;
Essential Skills:
  • Demonstrated knowledge of SGML and/or XML and DTD and other schema languages;
  • Ability to solve technical problems by liaising with a variety of personnel (software developers, content specialists, authors, editors);
  • Experience with HTML, XHTML, and CSS;
  • Excellent analytical and creative thinking skills;
  • Excellent organizational skills, meticulous and thorough approach to detail;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
Desired skills:
  • Knowledge of XSLT, XSL2 or OmniMark; experience with conversion of XML or SGML documents to other data formats;
  • Experience with UNIX/Linux platform;
  • Experience with XSL-FO;
  • Experience creating or modifying publication workflows;
  • Experience with electronic image formats (TIFF, GIF, JPEG, EPS, PNG);

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